Welcome to my world of communication 🙂

My current home is Notion - it’s the home of Our Community Garden

Some of you know I’ve been on a mission to say no to email since 2008

This is not a trivial goal in a world that invented Blackberries turning emails into texting.

Even the company that hosts the blog post (linked above) got acquired and as with many acquisitions, they lose leadership, and when you lose leadership, they lose vision. 😔

Though it’s not the players that are important, it’s about inventing systems that help us sort through a myriad of requests, initiatives, projects, and tasks - a world of overwhelm that many of us find ourselves in.

As a result there has been a slow movement in progress. While the world speeds up, many of us are slowing down.

I’m committed to being in communication with y’all so I’ve had to rearrange my online world so that it supports a world that slows down 🙏🏼

Memory lane

Snapshot of what my communication “interface” last looked like in May 2008 - we’ve come a long ways in 12+ years! 😎

Key references