Allowing partnerships to emerge through the use of technology is nothing short of an art.

Whether this person is a casual acquaintance, a long-time friend, a business partner, a significant other, or someone you just met, technology can be used to support creative explorations of partnership.

Some principles are inspired by Partnership Explorations and Chinarut’s personal experience with [[Online Collaboration]] since 1991.

Many of the modules below focus on the use of Notion as I feel it is the most accessible to people and harnesses powerful capabilities that allow your partnerships to grow organically and exponentially.

We also use Notion to make learning key concepts experiential and relevant to you. If it inspires you, create a page in Notion and share it with me to begin the process!

I’ve discovered many experts in this field and occasionally, you’ll see references to them. I am not paid or compensated by any of them. I bring them in because they are brilliant at what they share.

My goal long-term is to help you understand the fundamental building blocks of building partnerships through the use of collaborative technologies that are not specific to any one particular technology.

With the partners who emerge through this process, we shall learn to explore triadic relationships together and allow community to emerge in surprising ways.

If this is something that sounds exciting to you, you can do one of 2 things:

  1. take a bottom-up approach by creating and sharing a page in Notion with me and allow it to unfold organically
  2. take a top-down approach by registering your community in our registry: Creating Leadership

This is all a work in progress so if you feel there are missing components and/or things that are not clear, please feel free to add a discussion above or add a discussion to a specific module.

Key Concepts

Digital Gardening

Systems Thinking


Helpful Processes

Multi-level Conversations

Collaborative Checkins