Evernote was a very early player ever since the original [[iPhone]]. committing to digitize my life and get rid of crates and creates of paper and stuff sitting in my parent’s garage in early 2013 was the context I needed to make the switch to Evernote. I became an [[Evernote Consultant]] in Fall of 2014 and I have well over 20k notes and still use Evernote as my primary store for reference notes.

It would be nice to be able to use a specific tag in Evernote and have them automatically sync with Notion and TheBrain. Ever since [[Postach.io]] was created, I’ve been dreaming of leveraging the same mechanism so I could maintain an Evernote-driven wiki (now convinced this was a pipe dream!)


After 7 years of Evernote, I'm quite convinced it was never meant to be used in a wiki-like manner for a wide variety of reasons I will not detail here. I still use Evernote (in 2020) and stopped interlinking notes.

It is sad to see Evernote deemphasize Context over the years and it is a sign Evernote is not in the business of helping one discover the interrelatedness of your notes and just plain making sense of one's notes (aka Sensemaking).