This was prompted by a good friend of mine who really turned up the heat asking me what I do for a living (but really, what do you do?!).

This page captures some of the details of the process I’ve gone through esp over the past 6 years (2014-2020). By sharing, I hope it sparks some new ideas and inspiration to put you on a path to developing and expanding your online presence in a way that is fun and rich with content!

10 Components

1. You in 50 words

Chinarut Ruangchotvit on

My goal in 2015 was to share what I’m about in no more than 50 words (without hyperlinks)

I focused on crafting my statement around my Top 5 strengths

the process I used was to write one sentence for each strength and synthesize

I published it on AboutMe and directed to it

In 2020, I’ve added an action button inviting people to explore my Our Community Garden

I added a tagline as a “Community Builder”

2. Share What Keeps You Busy in 100 words

Chinarut is keeping communities connected and tinkering with iPad development

In 2020, my goal was to refocus on laying a foundation for a crowdfunding campaign.

my goal was to start small and try to capture the essence of the campaign in less than 100 words.

I focused on what I’ve accomplished (as web assets) in 4 domains of life I devote my time to:

  1. wellness → slow movement & vision
  2. dance → community & organizing
  3. business → partnerships, commons
  4. tech → innovation and application

I made sure to create a context of teaching/learning

I extended an invitation to support

3. You in 1 Page

various one sheets exist - the resume format is popular (though sometimes feel static).

Healthcare & Technology Support Specialist - advocate for healthy behavior change - C Ruangchotvit

Use a format that works for you.

In 2014, I decided to learn how to write 1-page proposals (which seemed more of an intellectual exercise opposed to actually causing action to be honest!)

In 2020, I’m back on the bandwagon to craft a new proposal and I’m taking a long, hard look at what really matters to me.

4. You in 2 Pages

Give yourself some more real estate - in fact double it!

A 2-page resume eases up pressure. Give yourself space to breathe.

In 2020, I’ve discovered summarizing my Key Research Influences more conducive to this task. (and in fact, as I write this, I think a 2-page proposal might help alleviate some stress!)