1. dream of a life of research
    1. Key Research Influences
  2. support artists
    1. applications of art in ways that serve humanity
      1. @mental health (kids, adult)
  3. prop 22; AB5
    1. 3 years ridesharing (2017-2019)
      1. splitting time in US and Thailand
      2. inflates my burnrate
  4. Intentionally recursive 🤓
    1. irony - this proposal asks for financial support (this is the world we live in)
  5. it is personal, I am at stake and going "all in" on such a future
    1. committed to a "world that works"
    2. Custodians of the world #dCommunity
  6. Burning Man gift economy
  7. Korea UBI, Oakland UBI
  8. not "handout" - supporting ppl living in a way that lights them up (and rest is ok!)
    1. No Rules Rules
  9. eliminate distraction of "working to live" that creates burnout
  10. Our Community Garden
    1. means to share what I learn (success & failure, open & public learning)
    2. learn from you
  11. Community Garden
  12. Wellbeing 5 Advisory
  13. The Venus Project - resource-based economy
    1. financial systems are broken
      1. attention extraction model
      2. State of Shallow Medicine
      3. Maintenance and Care
      4. (removing arts from schools)
  14. (this is how you vote if you are for UBI)
  15. resources are abundant (see Autobiography)