I hit zoom fatigue by May - it was inevitable - I hit the ground running participating online after shelter-in-place started on March 17, 2020 in San Francisco.

To wrap-up this adventure, I created the following mindmap that by no means is meant to be critical of the individuals or organizations listed here. I mostly focused on what was done right as it was a learning experience for everyone. The intent is to share best practices (that are still evolving) - as a fellow event organizer and producer, there is a lot I am witnessing & experiencing even having pulled back significantly after 4 months and retreated to my cave for the most part!

If this embedded mindmap were editable, I would add my experience with Cultivating Resilience, the Berkeley Ensemble play production, and WabiSabi improv.

What came out of my time visiting the other side of the spectrum was an inquiry I started around supporting the slow arts and slowing down so much I became aware of Conditions for Happiness.

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