Goals of a Digital Autobiography Platform

  1. Easy to get started - helps you collect details about your life by interviewing you and creating a first cut of your autobiography quickly (gets you to wkd 2 FAST! :)
  2. Infinitely expandable - people upgrade, expand and transform their personal autobiographies ongoingly
  3. Builds community
  4. Easy to share - presents information in a way grandma & grandpa get it (think: turning pages of a book) yet magically interactive


  1. Autobiography in TheBrain - explore underlying data structure (actively updated)

Better understanding how biographies are developed

Steve Jobs

absolutely love how the style in which Isaacson wrote Steve Jobs’ biography

writing classes

Memoir and Autobiography: Learn the Differences and Tips for Writing Memoir and Autobiography - 2020 - MasterClass


DIY methods

  1. blog posts advocating the use of Evernote to organize your autobiography

Potential Partners to Explore

  1. APP: Smarter Biography - “first AI-driven autobiography application”
  2. https://www.lifebio.org - “Social Engagement for Health” “fight loneliness and isolation”
  3. APP: StoryGlory - https://web.storyglory.me - apps voices to photos - “capture the legacy of family and friends”
  4. APP: Biopage - https://biopage.com “personal brand”
    1. contest: https://www.biopage.com/contest
  5. APP: BabbleStash - https://www.babblestash.com
    1. multimedia “flipbook” e-book: https://www.babblestash.com/single-post/2018/01/26/Combine-your-audio-and-text-files-into-a-Visually-Impressive-Flipbook