👉🏼 Original 1-page Proposal from 2015

In Two Minutes

To make a long story short: our society has a systemic issue with burnout. My schedule is designed to give space each morning to be with my feelings and transform my relationship to my body. Perhaps you can relate.

I’ve been rebuilding every aspect of my life for over 5 years to create a new foundation & support a renewed commitment to wellbeing.

My goal is to share nuggets you can use that are experiential in nature and relevant to your life.

Weave Your Legacy is an ongoing effort to build a learning community committed to a world that wakes up happy together.

Primary Challenge

Slowing Down

Over the past 5 years, I continue to focus on practices that are conducive to slowing my life down. The short list:

  1. meditation (Presence Process)
  2. micro fusion dancing (story on a transformation in Aug 2018: Burning into Fusion)
  3. Underbelly - art of slowing down (a cross between meditation and dance)
  4. Tech Shabbat - value of unplugging for 24 hrs once a week (now a book called 24/6)
  5. Writing Salon (1-on-1) - taking 30 minutes to reflect, write, and pair share (example prose: Dialogue With Body)


What I’m Currently Exploring